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How to study print and media technology in Wuppertal

The subject of print and media technology opens up many interesting, future-oriented professional profiles in the media, advertising and packaging industries.

Would you like to work in the media sector, for example in a company in the media industry or as a teacher of printing and media technology at a vocational school? Our "Combinatorial Bachelor of Arts" degree program is the place to start. Almost all modern careers today require skills in several specialist areas. This also applies to print and media technology.

In the "Combinatorial Bachelor of Arts" degree program, you choose - in addition to printing and media technology - a further partial course of study. You can choose from a wide range of partial courses of study in Wuppertal according to your personal interests and with regard to a favorable specific study profile for your individual career planning.


International applicants seeking admission to the Bergische Universität Wuppertal – i.e. all applicants with university admission qualifications obtained outside Germany – will find information on application procedures here.

Admission requirements:

  • In general, because there are specific requirements per country or according to what you have studied or what school you have attended, foreign educational certificates must be recognized in Germany as a qualification for entry to higher education.
  • Studies with degree: if you have already completed a degree (Lise Diplomasi, Baccalaureat, Attestat) outside Germany, see this link also
  • You will need a certificate of proficiency in German such as DSH or DAF.

Application deadlines:

  • For the summer semester: 15.11.-15.01.
  • For the winter semester: 15.05.-15.07.   

The vast majority of the classes are held in German and the language is a prerequisite for all students. You can even learn German at the University in Wuppertal. More information here

There are even groups of international students in Wuppertal. You can find out more about what the life and study here contacting them: Students Team of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Special Profiles - the Combinatorial Bachelor of Arts

The Media Technology and Media Economics and Digital Publishing profiles provide technical fundamentals with corresponding practical relevance in the bachelor's degree program.

The Media and Design Technology profile provides the necessary skills for the production of conventional and digital media products in a bachelor's degree program. For each of these three study profiles, there are precise specifications for the modules and internships to be studied. The respective profile is shown on the Bachelor's certificate.

For these profiles, the combined partial courses of study are very specifically tailored to the requirements of the print and media industry. A special option of these profiles is that after the bachelor's degree, students can decide how to continue: Career entry, career-qualifying master's degree (Master of Science) or master's degree with the objectiv of becoming a teacher at vocational colleges in the subjects studied (Master of Education).

The Bachelor of Arts degree program offers the profile of teacher at vocational schools/vocational colleges if printing and media technology is combined with another school subject, for example machine engineering, german, english, mathematic, informatic, electrical engineering, physic, chemistry, politic, social studies (there are more than 30 courses). The Master of Education program builds on this structure. In addition to the specialist subjects, it focuses primarily on didactics and educational science and concludes with the First State Examination.

End degree: "Bachelor of Arts" (B.A.)

Overview of the specific study profiles

Bachelor's degree: 3 years

The combination of print and media technology with economics conveys, in addition to the basics from the two subject areas, knowledge of special media economic issues, supplemented by internships in relevant media companies. Professionally, a very broad field of application opens up in almost all business processes of the media industry.

Bachelorstudiengang: 3 Jahre

Digital Publishing kombiniert Druck- und Medientechnik mit Informatik. Diese Kombination ist bei Medienunternehmen besonders gefragt. Fachlich geht es um die Digitalisierung und das Management von Daten (Text /Bild/ Layout), unter Berücksichtigung unterschiedlicher Medienformate wie Print, Smart Phone, Tablet etc.

Bachelor's degree: 3 years

Media and Design Technology combines technical and design skills, with a focus on technical aspects. This combination is fundamental at the interface between media creation and production. The focus of the study profile is on the design for the respective output medium with its specific characteristics and the subsequent quality-assured production-technical realization. In addition to lectures, the program also includes internships at the university and in media companies.

Bachelor's and master's degree: 5 years

For the teaching profession at vocational schools, print and media technology must be combined with a teaching subject; there are over 30 optional combinations, e.g. with English studies, mathematics, physics, media design and design technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and many more. The Bachelor's degree focuses on teaching subjects, while the Master's degree is predominantly by pedagogical, didactical and other educational science content. The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree corresponds to the First State Examination (German system of education) for the teaching profession .

Admission requirements for the Bachelor's program

  •  General university entrance qualification for german universities
    (but without the general university entrance qualification, there are special entrance requirements. | more (in german)
  • General advice on studies and application:
    Central Student Advisory Service of the University of Wuppertal | more (in german)
  • Registration/Application for foreign students
    Internation Office  | more (in english)
  • Start of studies only in the winter semester

Bachelor of Science - Information Technology and Media Technology

Beginning in the winter semester 2019/20, the previous Bachelor's degree program in Information Technology has been expanded to include the Media Technology profile and is now called Information Technology and Media Technology.

In addition to the basic ability to work scientifically, this technically oriented degree program teaches all the essential fundamentals of information technology, including the necessary practical relevance. The focus of the Media Technology profile is on the relevant technologies and processes of Internet-based, document-based and print-based media output. On the other hand, audiovisual media play a rather subordinate role here.

The Bachelor's degree with the Media Technology profile provides a career path into the production, technical planning and IT areas of media companies or into the sales and application technology areas of suppliers for machines, systems, software and devices.

End degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

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